Passive income with Raspberry Pi and Traffmonetizer

Today we will set up passive income using Raspberry Pi and Traffmonetizer. The income is not substantial, but if you have a Raspberry Pi lying around unused, why not give it a try?

What is Traffmonetizer?

Traffmonetizer is an innovative platform for monetizing internet traffic. It provides opportunities for website owners to earn money through their traffic using various methods such as advertising, affiliate programs, and sponsored content services. Traffmonetizer allows optimizing revenues from websites and apps by efficiently managing ad content, analyzing audience behavior, and utilizing advanced online marketing technologies. This platform is designed to enable website owners to maximize the use of their traffic and generate a stable income.

In our case, we will be sharing the capabilities of our internet connection and receiving rewards for it. As stated on the Traffmonetizer website, here’s how it works:

Your internet service provider offers unlimited traffic packages for a fixed monthly fee. However, there is a catch – most of the time you don’t use your traffic, and your connection is idle. You can sell a part of this unused traffic and start earning passive income in four simple steps:

  1. Sign up for the Traffmonetizer service and get an access token.
  2. Install the required application on your device.
  3. We will be using a tiny part of your internet connection in our network.
  4. Use your account dashboard to track the traffic we used along with the money you earned.

Setting Up Raspberry Pi and Traffmonetizer Account Registration

To begin, visit the official Traffmonetizer website and create an account. Then, log in and verify your email address by following the link in the email received after registration. Upon registration, you will immediately receive a $5 bonus. The minimum withdrawal amount available is $10.

Installing Docker on Raspberry Pi

Using a Docker container to run the Traffmonetizer application has several advantages:

  1. Deployment Speed: Docker allows for quick creation, launch, and stoppage of containers. This enables efficient use of server resources and rapid scaling of the application when needed.
  2. Isolation: Each Docker container has its isolated runtime environment, avoiding conflicts with other similar applications or dependencies. This ensures greater stability and reliability of the application.
  3. Ease of Management: Docker provides a convenient command-line interface and graphical tools for managing containers. This makes it easy to perform various operations such as monitoring, updating, and backup. Overall, using a Docker container will make the process of deploying, scaling, and managing the Traffmonetizer application more efficient and convenient.

As I am using the Raspbian x64 operating system, the commands to install Docker for me look like this:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install -y

Running Traffmonetizer

We will be using this docker image. As seen from the description, an image for ARM architecture is also available. For me, traffmonetizer/cli_v2:arm64v8 is suitable. We also need an application token. You can copy it from the Dashboard section in your account.

app token

The command to run looks like this (replace YOUR_TOKEN with your application token and choose an image compatible with your system):

sudo docker run -i --name tm traffmonetizer/cli_v2:arm64v8 start accept --token YOUR_TOKEN

Running detached mode

docker run -d --name tm traffmonetizer/cli_v2 start accept --token your_token_here


The intermediate result with my Raspberry Pi 5 after 1 day of working with Traffmonetizer can be seen in the image below.

Raspberry Pi and Traffmonetizer

Referral Program

Traffmonetizer offers an attractive referral program that allows users to earn additional money by inviting new participants to the platform. Each participant receives a unique registration and platform promotion link. For each invited user who registers through this link and actively uses Traffmonetizer, the referrer receives a reward.

This reward can be in cash or a percentage of the income earned by the referred user. The Traffmonetizer referral program is an excellent opportunity for users to increase their income by bringing new participants to the platform. “You will receive 10% of each payout invited by users. The more active users, the more money,” as stated on the website. You can find your referral link in the Referrals section of your account.

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